Book a Complimentary Skin Consultation today to discuss: 

- Skin type analysis 

- Concerns with your skin 

- Specific skin conditions 

- Review of current skincare regime 

- Skincare recommendations

- Preventative & Ongoing Skin Management 

Your one-on-one consultation can be performed via phone, email, or video chat...whatever your preference!

Once this item is added to your cart, you will be contacted via email to schedule a time that is right for you. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Tasha Middleton

I had the consultation over the phone and she was absolutely lovely. I looked like a wreck as I got the times confused and she woke me least she knew what she was dealing with with my morning face!!! I’ve yet to try the products but she had a wealth of knowledge so I feel as if I’m in good hands :)

Tracy Mackay
Super in every way

Well who would have thought in the thick of a CoVid19 lockdown I would discover Alisha and Epidermal Skincare the absolutely right product for my aging and complicated skin.
It was a skin saver and the most important consult, cleverly contactless, completed with photos,phone and email. How lucky I was. One year on skin feels fabulous, using natural products and a huge bonus is I am now supporting a talented, local woman running her own Launceston business. A big plus all round. T

allie preece
Knowledgeable and Professional

I believe that my skin is as good as it is because of all of the the professional advice I have received from Alisha! She sure knows her knowledge of different skin types and what products best suit each individuals skin. I love that she is just a msg away from answering any of my skin concerns. Thankyou Alisha for making me feel so confident In my own skin again ❤️

Amazing service and products

I was really impressed with Alisha's caring and professional service. The products arrived quickly and beautifully packaged. They feel amazing on my skin and were exactly what I was hoping and expecting.

Claire C.
Professional, knowledgeable and friendly

Alisha absolutely knows and is passionate about her products. I felt comfortable even though I was embarrassed about my poor skin at our initial chat. She put me at ease and started me on a regime that would fit in with my budget. She is always happy to chat via messages to change the plan or troubleshoot! And lovely to get little free samples when you’re not sure if product will suit. She really puts the “care” back into skincare!